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Hervey Bay Veterinary Surgery Services

We’re thrilled to be able to offer such a long and varied list of services, and we reckon that the excellent standards we maintain across the board will really get your tail wagging. Everyone here knows what pets mean to people, and when you trust us with yours, we’ll go the extra mile to repay that trust in full. Whatever your pet needs, we can provide.

Preventative Care

A big chunk of our job is to make sure your pet needs to be here as little as possible! Preventing a problem is better than solving it, after all. It’s important to keep up to date with vaccinations, and to take precautions against potentially harmful parasites like tape worms, fleas and heartworm. We also offer microchipping (a process now so simple we can do it during a routine check-up), which is quickly becoming mandatory for dogs across the country.

Multi-Species Specialisation

We don’t just cater to cats and dogs. We’ve got the skills, expertise and top facilities to be able to care for almost any creature across the whole spectrum of nature. This includes large animals, sea life, birds, and even exotic critters like reptiles. We get such a mix of animals in our hospital that it often resembles a zoo, and we bet we could even patch up a Tyrannosaurus Rex if one came our way!


Our vets are able to perform a comprehensive range of surgical procedures on a wide variety of animals, including routine desexing, orthopaedics and dental work (which can become increasingly vital as a pet gets older). Our operating theatres are kitted out with the latest equipment (and the best surgeons, of course), and impeccably maintained to ensure a sterilised environment at all times.

Diagnostic Methods

Whether we’re looking for a specific ailment or running a general scan, we’ve got the tools to diagnose any animal quickly and accurately. We’re able to use imaging services like ultrasonography and digital radiography, as well as a fully-equipped biochemical laboratory as well. Whatever the problem, we’ll sniff it out.

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After-Hours Emergency Service

Unfortunately, accidents don’t always conform to your average 9-5 schedule. We offer afterhours services by phone appointment during the week, and on the weekends, afterhours services are split between the four surgeries in Hervey Bay. We’re always there for your pets, no matter the time, and we’re never more than a phone call away!

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