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Puppy Care

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These are given to prevent serious and often fatal diseases and viruses that dogs can contract. Your puppy often does not have to be in direct contact with other dogs to catch some of these diseases. You will be safe to take your puppy for walks in public places two weeks after your puppy’s last vaccination, as well as see other unknown dogs. Your puppy will also receive a full physical examination at every vaccination to ensure they are healthy and developing normally.

What should your dog be vaccinated against?
*Distemper virus
*Adenovirus Type 1 & 2
*Parainfluenza & Bordetella (Canine Cough)
When should this be done?
1st vaccination at 6-8 weeks
2nd vaccination at 10-12wks
3rd vaccination at 14-16wks


Intestinal worms can cause diarrhoea, weight loss, anaemia, poor growth and can be transmitted to people. Sometimes, intestinal worms can make a puppy so sick that it can be fatal for them. Many young puppies carry massive worm burdens.
How often should I worm my dog?
You should worm your puppy every fortnight until 12 weeks old, then monthly until 6 months old, then every 3 months for life.
Products we recommend:
*Drontal/Paragard - A good quality tablet (Paragard is flavoured) that treats Roundworm, Whipworm, Hookworm and Tapeworm

*Nexgard Spectra - A monthly chewable that prevents heartworm, fleas, ticks & treats most intestinal worms (does not treat tapeworm).


Heartworm is transmitted by mosquitoes. One bite from an infected mosquito implants the larvae into the bloodstream where it eventually travels to the dogs’ heart, and it is here that the heartworm grows and matures. Mosquitoes are found inside and outside the home so where your dog spends most of its time will have no influence in reducing the risk of contracting heartworm. Prevention is better than cure, so heartworm prevention products are recommended all year round. Unfortunately, most intestinal all-wormers do not protect your puppy from heartworm disease, so check your labels carefully.
Products we recommend:
*Proheart Injection - An injection given at 12wks and 6mths of age, and given at each adult vaccination.

*Nexgard Spectra - A monthly chewable that
prevents heartworm, fleas, ticks & treats most intestinal worms (does not treat tapeworm).


Did you know that the average female flea lays 50 eggs per day? Did you also know that what flea numbers you can see on your puppy is about 5% of what is living in your environment? Flea burdens can get out of control very quickly. Keeping up a consistent flea control programme year round will ensure that your puppy lives a comfortable, flea-free life.
Products we recommend:
*Bravecto- A chew given every 3 months to prevent fleas & ticks

*Comfortis - A tablet given monthly to prevent fleas. Works in as little as 30 minutes and 100% knockdown of fleas in 4 hours.

*Nexgard - A monthly chew to prevent fleas & ticks.

*Nexgard Spectra/Comfortis Plus - As above products but with added ingredient to prevent heartworm & treat intestinal worms (except tapeworm).


Paralysis tick season is usually during the warmer months, although we have also seen ticks during winter! The tick injects a toxin which causes paralysis starting in the hind limbs, progressing to affect the whole body. Affected dogs also have breathing problems,and sometimes gagging or vomiting.

The major Paralysis tick areas in Hervey Bay are Craignish, Dundowran, Toogoom, Burrum Heads, Booral, Sunshine Acres & Takura.
Tick search your pet daily and use a tick treatment as recommended.

Products we recommend:
*Bravecto - A chewable given every 3 months to prevent fleas & ticks

*Nexgard - A monthly chewable to prevent fleas & ticks.

*Nexgard Spectra - A monthly chewable that prevents heartworm, fleas, ticks & treats most intestinal worms (does not treat tapeworm).


It is important to get qualified advice on feeding your puppy, regardless of size, to provide optimal growth and develop a healthy immune system. Feeding a high quality, premium dry food ensures your puppy receives the right combination of ingredients, all while using a fixed formula to minimise diarrhoea and upset tummies. A lot of “budget” foods have a variable formula that rely on fluctuating costs of animal protein & availability of grains at the time. Some also contain artificial colours and most have a higher fibre content (due to the increase in grains) that result in reduced digestibility and lower absorption of nutrients. We stock Hills Science Diet for your convenience but we are more than happy to recommend other brands to purchase from the pet shop. Please feed your puppy food until 12 months of age.

Puppy milk and home cooked diets are not


Desexing helps control problems such as roaming, aggression, unwanted pregnancies and mass euthanasia of unwanted puppies. It also reduces the occurrence of cancer associated with the testicles and prostate in males and the ovaries and mammary glands in females.

It is not necessary to let a female puppy have a litter to ‘settle her down’. This has absolutely no effect on temperament.

You must now De-sex your dog by law under the Fraser Coast Regional Council. Please see our staff for more information or view the guidelines on the council website:


Males & females: 5-6 months of age

Puppy Preschool

Puppy Preschool is a 4 week course designed for puppies aged between 7 & 16 weeks (the age at which a pup learns and is influenced the most) This course covers most aspects of general puppy care in a friendly social atmosphere which is fun for you and your puppy! (Bookings are essential).

Helping your puppy become
‘Vet Friendly’.

Besides Puppy Preschool, there are some things you can do as a pet owner to reduce any stress & anxiety associated with going to the vet. Some of these things include:

*Desensitization - Get your puppy used to being examined by playing with their paws, between their toes, lifting up their lips, gently lifting their tail, and feeling their legs & tummy.

*Car rides - Get your puppy accustomed to the car by taking short drives and rewarding them.

*Just drop in for a weigh in & treat! - Show them it is not always needles & thermometers up their bottom!

*Be calm! - Lead by example, dogs are very intuitive!

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