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Our Policies

Prescription Medications:

We understand that there are pets on regular medications to treat chronic conditions, and as such, will need to be consistently maintained on these preparations. However, there are very strict requirements regarding the administration, dispensing and refilling of medications. This includes the provision of written prescriptions.

  • Medications will only be dispensed to clients/patients that we have physically seen within AT LEAST the last 180 days, unless we receive a prescription authorisation from another Veterinarian who has a current relationship with the patient.
  • Certain medications will require a patient to be seen at more frequent intervals as deemed necessary by the treating Veterinarian.
  • Certain medications will require a patient to undergo laboratory testing that will be at the owner’s expense. The interval(s) of this testing will be discussed at the time the medication is initially prescribed.  Failure to comply with this testing may affect your ability to obtain refills.
  • Medications will not be provided “Just in Case”.
  • Please do not ask us to counsel you on the use of the medication that you found in your cupboard from 3 years ago as this will not be happening.
  • All medications must be finished, as directed. Any unused portion should be returned to our office for appropriate disposal.
  • If your Veterinarian suspects that any substance issued is being used in a manner other than prescribed, they reserve the right to refuse all future refills.
  • Written prescriptions are available, however there is a fee for this service. Please do not argue the point as your human doctor would have charged you a brief consult to obtain this document.
  • By law, Veterinary refills are limited to TWO ONLY on a written prescription. Controlled substances require a new prescription for each refill.

If you would like a refill on your medication, please fill out the form below and one of our staff will contact you.

Zero Tolerance Policy:

We understand that having a sick pet can cause a tremendous amount of stress, particularly when they cannot tell you what is wrong. Our team will always do their best to ease the suffering of any patient, by means of pain control, treatment for shock following trauma, etc… It is by no means acceptable for any person to treat our team in a less than courteous manner. Should this occur, you will be asked to leave. Our team have pets too, and understand what it means to see them in pain – we see it every single day. So please, if finance is a concern for you, and this may be a primary cause of angst, we strongly recommend having a VetPay account for those “just in case” events. This will allow you to provide immediate care for your best friend, without the added stress of worrying about the bill at the end of the day. We do not do accounts, so please do not ask.

Payment Policy:

Animal health care is not subsidised by the government. No financial assistance programmes are offered to independent Veterinarians, which means that our services CAN NOT be bulk billed. Payment is required at the time of service. We do not offer accounts. We strongly recommend that all clients have one of the following methods available to pay for medical expenses associated with pet ownership;

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express (AMEX)
  • VetPay

Another very useful tool to assist with the cost of pet ownership is pet insurance. There are a multitude of options available, and you will need to carefully ready your product disclosure statements to ensure you make the best choice, as some policies carry breed exclusions, condition exclusions and so forth. You are still required to pay your bill at the time of service, but your insurance company will reimburse you directly based upon your entitlement. Some policies available can be claimed electronically through our practice management software, removing the need for printing and manually filling out forms, signing them and posting them.

Fraser Coast Regional Council – Microchipping and Desexing Requirements:

In 2016, Fraser Coast Regional Council implemented a local law governing the requirement for microchipping and desexing of all animals changing ownership and being registered (required for both dogs and cats on the Fraser Coast). Please click here for more details regarding this requirement: http://www.frasercoast.qld.gov.au/animal-management

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